With Innovated techniques to soothe your muscles and help you to your “feel-good” potential,

Massage RAIN® was developed with “Massagery” in mind.

The Owner of Massage RAIN, Julianna M. Aude (Licensed Massage Therapist), had envisioned helping others through massage therapy; to promote wellness & strength for the Human Body. 

Certification was earned at The Flint School of Therapeutic Massage in 2007.  Julianna obtained all of her Clients by “word-of-mouth”. With many visits to clients homes/businesses, she traveled under assumed name, Peace and Serenity Therapeutic Massage.  Her goals were to obtain a Michigan license and expand professionally into the Business World.  

Massage RAIN schedules sessions by appointment only. During that time, customized techniques will be applied to help ease sore muscles, improve range of motion, increase circulation & much more.

Call for an appointment today!  Let Massage RAIN hydrate and cultivate your mind, body and spirit to leave you feeling rejuvenated!